Why Java is The Most Popular Language now?
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Why Java is The Most Popular Language now?

Java is definitely the most popular programming language now, why? Why C,C++ and C# is not popular like Java?

Every Operating system having some executable formats
Eg. Windows - .exe, .cmd, .bat
Eg. Linux - .bin

These files operating system execute directly. Then what about .mp3,.class,.avi...... file. These files Windows can not execute directly its taking media player(Supporters) help.

Winamp software understant the .mp3 file formate. So Windows, Linux Operting System execute this file with the help of Media Players.

Same way after compile the C, C++ programs Compiler creates a executable file (.exe)

Eg : 9lessons.c ----> 9lessons.exe

Windows Operating System Directly access this 9lessons.exe file and print the output. But in Linux(os) can not understand this *.exe format. So C, C++ Dependent Languages

But Java Compiler convert .java file to .class format. Windows execute this file with the help of JRE (Java Runtime Enviroment).

Sun Microsystems Providing Different JREs for Different Operating System

Virus Programmer's Main Aim to interrupt the User's work. So the programmer creates a virus file in Operating System Executable format like .exe, .cmd, .bat (for windows)

If you did a project in C, C++ Language. If any virus attack means it damage the total executable(.exe) files. so C, C++ project files also damage. But java file creates a .class file its like byte code formate. If attact means JRE (Java Runtime Enviroment) only damage. So you java project safe....

What about .Net. It is a best software development package. Why it's not independent ?.

Microsoft People can Write the code for .Net Independent platform. If they will make the next moment onwards no one will buy the Windows Operating System.

Company business aspects they will give Preference to open source operating System like Linux and Solaris.

C, C++ --> Console application programs
Java --> Console - Windows Frames - Web

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  1. please expalin the security as wel as execution in case of .net

  2. i want more inf about object oriented concepts

  3. Naive...

    Programming language is cross platform in most of the cases. There does C++ say it should run on Windows only? or Linux only. As long as you can compile it and it works it is cross platform.

    Same with java - if you do exec "/bin/sh" in java it won't work on windows (most likely). Cross-platform?

  4. That made no sense on so many levels.

  5. >Why Java is Most
    >Popular Language?

    Because English grammar is so eluding.

  6. Before trying to explain "Why Java is Most Popular Language?" you might start with trying establish if it is the "Most Popular Language". Because in most areas it is not. There are lots of options of languages that are cross platform. And given how badly java runs in some places I am not even sure it is the best example of a cross platform language. If java was truly cross platform like sun claims you it would be trivial to run a program designed for a java cell phone on your desktop. If java were to be the most popular language it would jave to be an integral part of some base operating system. I sure can't think of any OS that even installs a jvm out of the box let alone integrates it into the default experience of the user. Or are you using some other basis to determine "Most Popular".

  7. .NET already ported to other OS. It's a pure language religious post.

  8. OMG! What a genius!

    Now everything makes sense.. no other language is enoughly 'cross platform' to be so popular. Just wondering why OS's aren't written in Java (better yet: with VB).

    IMNSHO, Java is so popular because it make it hard for dumb people to screw everything up (and has lots of copy-pasta code around, for they glorious joy). Smart programmers, on the other hand, can program efficiently in most languages, don't needing the "business readiness" (whatever that means) that Java is so proud of.

    Summary: Good programmers are expensive. Java programmers are as cheap as it gets (you must know this really well, I suppose).

  9. Nice graphics, but...
    Probably having a native english speaker go over the text would make this better.

    Also you don't really say why it's popular, for the record there are java based viruses now too.

  10. tell me about artificial intelligent programmes by using lisp programming language

  11. One of reason why java is so popular because it is open source and free. The syntax of java is cool, it is always fun to write project in java. Java will be better, Java 7 is coming.........

  12. awesome explanation

  13. java is easy to learn yaar.i love java very much...


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