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Saturday, October 12, 2019

About Srinivas Tamada

Nice to meet you, I’m Srinivas Tamada.
I’m a part-time blogger and UI Architect, I’m based in India, current living in the USA. Along with blogging. I also like to make products, make videos about web technologies.

Srinivas Tamada

I’m a great implementer

I’m not a great programmer but I feel I’m a great implementer. This leads me to reach the next level in my life and career. I feel very proud and lucky because I started my career with PHP(not a cheap) programming language.

My Story

I was born in Baruva, Andhra Pradesh, attended my schooling in the same tiny village.

I went to Dr. MGR University, Chennai to get my Degree in 2008.

I got my first professional job for $100 per month as a PHP programmer, the next day when I finished college.

As a trainee, I utilized my time and high-speed internet to learn new things. I started this blog in a week of my first job.

Solo developer for tiggin.com (Twitter Clone), later we used it for the traffic selling portal.

I got the Wall Script idea because they haven’t believed my product (Tiggin).

I was interviewed at Yahoo, did not get the role.

I got my first car and house (thanks to all of my readers)

Did a project for cbazaar.com

I got a job offer from TCS. Moved to Atlanta, United States

I got the special edition sports car 🏎️

I met my wife, the most amazing girl in the world. We got married in 2015.

I published my side projects like mailxengine.com

I have been at Equifax, USA 5 years now, working as Engineering Manager for consumer-facing applications.

We became parents in 2018. Happy to share that I and my daughter born on the same day.

DAD² - This time a boy baby

I have spoken at Christ University, Bangalore for a couple of times(MBA graduates) and also for BITS Pilani.

I have been teaching classes for 8th and 9th-grade students in my school, whenever I come for a vacation.

Microsoft contacted me for advertisements.

Of course, I have been blogging this whole time. Because I want to make people fall in love with my ideas.

I started my career with PHP language, most of my friends insulted me that PHP is a cheap language. But the same language gave me lots of identity and money. Never estimate the people based on the work, respect them how they implement the ideas.
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