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Saturday, August 16, 2008

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Last Update - 20th Oct 2009


Load Data while Scrolling Page Down with jQuery and PHP

Voting system with jQuery, Ajax and PHP.

Delete Records with Random Animation Effect using jQuery and Ajax.

Server Side Form Validation using Regular Expressions

Facebook like suggestions with jQuery content appears and disappears.

Add Security to your PHP projects using .htaccess file

Analyzing URLs as Links to the resource using a PHP function.

Reading RSS Feed with PHP.

SMTP Feedback Mail class with jQuery Slide Effect.

Upload and Resize an Image with PHP

Facebook like multi Toggle Comment Box with jQuery and PHP.

Web Design - jQuery / mootools/ Ajax/ javascript / CSS

Display JSON Data with jQuey and Ajax

Favorite Rating with jQuery and Ajax.

Pagination with jQuery, MySQL and PHP.

9 Most Useful jQuery Plugins.

Facebook Style Alert Confirm Box with jQuery and CSS.

Magical Sign-up Page with jQuery and CSS.

Hide and Seek with jQuery.

Auto Load and Refresh Div every 10 Seconds with jQuery.

Twitter like Search with jQuery and Ajax.

Using jQuery Visited Plug-In.

Submit multiple forms with jQuery and Ajax. used jQuery plugins

Comment system with jQuery, Ajax and PHP.

Changing design colors with jquery

rf.sparks Interesting jQuery Plugin

Useful jQuery Documents.

Facebook like Autosuggestion with jQuery, Ajax and PHP.

Flash colors effect with MooTools Framework.

21 of the Fresh and Rich Free Icons for Web Designers

Background Change with MooTools Framework

9 Interesting jQuery Projects with Demos

Insert a Record with animation slide down effect using jQuery and Ajax.

Draw Charts with Google Visualization API.

jQuery and Ajax best 9lesson

jQuery Username Availability check.

Delete a Record with animation fade-out effect using jQuery and Ajax.

Some Javascript Tips - Form Validation, Toggle Messages

Twitter Like Parsing URLs with JavaScript.

Perfect Javascript Form Validation using Regular Expressions.

Clean User Interface CSS Tips

Twitter Like Flash Message with jQuery.

Ajax Add a Record with Button Status Change using jQuery.

Exactly Twitter like Follow and Remove buttons with jQuery and Ajax

Submit a Form without Refreshing page with jQuery and Ajax.

Twitter Like More Button with jQuery and Ajax.

Insert and Load Record using jQuery and Ajax.

Useful jQuery plugins for Web Designers.

Implement jQuery from Google Ajax Libraries API.


The Stock Market Story

10 Free Hacking Tools

Hack your Own Web Project ? SQL Injection

Make Windows Genuine

Web Resources

Best Resources For Webmasters

Awesome Vector Graphics Flash Movies List.

Creative & Concept Design Logos.

Fantastic Twitter Drawings.

Total Tutorials

Java Programming
Connecting JSP To Mysql Database Lesson

Web.xml Deployment Descriptor

Analysis of a Java Class

Java (JDK) Bin Directory Files Information

Why Java is Most Popular Language?

Java Inheritance Easy Lesson

What Web Server Do?

Update a Record with Animation effect using JSP and jQuery.

Database(Mysql and SQL)
What is FOREIGN KEY? Easy Lesson

Visual Database Design with MySQL Workbench

Backup your Web Projects Database using MySQL Administrator.

Google Search Architecture Diagram Overview 

Google Search Major Data Structures Documentation
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