What Web Server Do?
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Friday, October 31, 2008

What Web Server Do?

A Web Server takes a Client request and gives something back to the Client.
A web browser lets a user request a resource. The web server gets the request,
finds the resource, and returns something to the Client Sometimes that resouce is an HTML page. Sometimes it's a picture. Or a PDF file(Data). Doesn't matter- the client asks for the resouce and server sends it back.

When we say "server", we mean either the physical machine (hardware) or the web server application (software). Real time example.

Above picture some transaction between Client House and Server House for transportation using Truck(Web Server). Client House need package (Truck Driver taking Request- URL) and pass the information to Server House. In the Server House Workers( Helper - JSP Files, Server side files) load the package into the Truck. It taking back to the Client House.

For Transportation people are using different vehicles(Airbus, Ship, Truck). Same way Web Servers(software) also diffrent products like Tomcate(Open source), Bea Web Logic, IBM Websphere,etc...

When we talk about clients, througn, we usally mean both(or either) the human user and the browse application.

The browser is the piece of software(Firefox or Opera) that knows how to communicate with the server. The browser's other big job is iterpreting the HTML code and rendeing the web page for the user.

HTTP is the protocal Client and Servers use on the web to communicate. The server uses HTTP to send HTML to the client.

The HTTP protocol has serveral methods, but the onew we'll use most often are GET and POST.

GET is te simples HTTP method, and its main job in life is to ask the server to get a resource and send it back. That resource might be an HTML page ,a PDF etc. Doesn't matter. The poing of GET is to Get someting back from the server.

POST is a more powerful request, IT' like a GET plus plus. With POST, we can request something and at the same time send form data to the server.

Web Server softwares having different tree stuctures and defalut port numbers. Weblogic running at http://localhost:7001, Tomcat at http://localhost:8080, IBM Websphere at http://localhost:9080

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