Backup your Web Projects Database using MySQL Administrator.
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Backup your Web Projects Database using MySQL Administrator.

Some days back I had posted an article about MySQL WorkBench Usage. So in this post I want to explain how to take backup your database using MySQL Administrator. It's a part of MySQL GUI Tools.

It's very easy to use and using this we can take backup and restore web projects database.

Download MySQL Administrator

Step - 1
You have to select backup button and click new project button.

Step - 2
It's display project database tables, you have to select particular project database and dump to back content.

Finally click execute backup database button. It's will generate .sql file.

Restore Database
Using this tool we can restore data also just click open backup file button and you have to give the .sql file URL. Click 'Start Restore'

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  1. The link to download MySQL Administrator is broken. It should point to

  2. Thanks Martey, now download link working

  3. can i take backup of database which is currently being used. Eg ABC is my database in My SQL Control Center and is being used by my website. The data is being inserted and modified in database continuously.
    If i take backup while my website is still accessing db ABC will it affect any way, do i have to take some precautions OR i should just go ahead and follow the steps mentioned in ur URL. Reply ASAP plzz

  4. thanks a lot .. its a wonderful article ..i think concepts are much clear when screenshots/videos are there ..

  5. is there anyway i can automate this process.
    i have to take backups everyday by end of the day ..

  6. how can i take backup of the stored procedures along with tables

  7. How do I archive my database? Is the procedure as same as backup a database?

  8. Guru Extrordinory Thing,,,,,,,Very Nice


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