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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Ionic Split Pane with Login and Logout System.

I received a tutorial request from one of my blog readers to implement Ionic Split Pane with the login system. Ionic has been improving and releasing new desktop layout features. This post is an enhancement to my previous application. SplitPane is the new component introduced in Ionic 2.2.0. This targets to create apps of any screen size like desktops and tablets. With this, it is easy to show a side menu with side-by-side navigation controllers. Let’s see how we do this, and follow the demo below for more details.

Ionic 3 and Angular 4:Login and Signup with PHP Restful API.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Google Materialize a Responsive HTML5 Framework

Materialize is a Responsive CSS Framework based on Google’s Material Design Concepts. Materialize aims to bring material design to web which was initially made by Google for Android. In this tutorial I will explain what material design is and then we will build a blog home page using Materialize.

What is Design Language?
A design language(or design vocabulary) is an style that guides the design of a complement of products. Designers wishing to give their suite of products a unique but consistent look and feel define a design language for it, which can describe choices for design aspects such as materials, color schemes, shapes, patterns, textures, or layouts.

Detect Shake in Phone using Jquery

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