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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Upload Files from Ionic Angular to Firebase Storage.

Nowadays Google Firebase is my most favorite application. This is offering great web solutions like hosting, authentication, storage and database in a simple way. This article explains how to upload images(supports video) into Firebase storage with Ionic and Angular applications. This covers the user authentication part to protect storage uploads and improving default Firebase security rules. Take a look at the quick demo and try to upload under 1 mb JPEG or PNG.

Publish an Ionic Android App to Google Play Store

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

pCloud – An Innovative Cloud Storage Service with Twists

After ‘Cloud Computing’ revolution, we have seen dawn of different cloud-based file storage services, even though a few of them managed to grab the spotlight. And, services those grabbed attention from users had something unique to offer. If you have a glance on popular cloud storage services, you can see that each of them had redefined aspects of cloud computing by introducing innovative practical applications. Today, what we would like to introduce is such a useful, innovative and reliable online file storage service that you can depend upon for professional & personal kinds of purposes – pCloud. There were several factors in pCloud that helped us to conclude that pCloud is pretty different from other services available in tech world, such as simplicity, security, uniqueness of features etc. Despite having its inception in 2013, pCloud has found this one year to create an outstanding impression among audience.
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