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10:54:00 AM

PixelPhone Enhance your Experience Getting Over the Default UI of your Android Smartphone

PixelPhone is an app for your Android device that replaces your default phone app to offer you a better experience. It has features that you don't usually get through your pre-installed phone & contact apps. Since its initiation some years back, the app has constantly refined and improved its features to better suit user's needs. Once you start using the app, you would not want to go back to the previous default version of your phone.

PixelPhone Enhance your Experience Getting

4:05:00 PM

Ad Blocker Detector for Google Adsense with JavaScript

Advertisements are very important for any post published in internet. This is what decides the person’s revenue. But, recently adblocker system is killing revenue of the publisher because of which it also effects the creativity of that person. Today, I am providing a simple new solution for those depressed and effected persons of adblocking system. Here is a simple javascript to be included along with your website code to either hide the content of your website or show a pop-up or alert message to remove the viewers adblock plugin. Any blogger or any website management can use this code to improve your revenue of your website. This code is mainly designed for Google Adsense.

Ad Blocker Detector for Blogger with JavaScript

9:53:00 PM

Google Two Factor Authentication Login with PHP

In our previous post, explains you the login system using PHP with PDO connection. Here is an extra feature that can be added to login system for an extra layer of security. It is 2 factor authentication using Google Authenticator App for Android/iPhone. Your account could be at risk of having your password stolen. 2 step verification can protect from misuse of your account if someone have your password, because logging into your account always require a security code(this verification code is uniquely designed for your account, if you opt for verification code, an unique code is sent to your mobile for every 30-60 seconds) in the second step after you enter your password.

Google Two Factor Authentication with PHP

11:11:00 PM

Create an Error Free Application and Build an Amazing Customer Experience with Raygun

Are you building new web or mobile software? What are your goals while implementing your application? There could be many answers, like efficiency, more effective user experience, proper security and authentication, good marketing features and so on. In simple terms, the work we do should ultimately satisfy the end user. So, for any successful application, an end user’s happiness should be the first goal. A customer should never get frustrated with your application, it only costs you time, money and a whole bunch of lost customers.

Create an Error Free Application and Build an Amazing Customer Experience with Raygun

11:15:00 AM

Rethink Database for Creating a Realtime Web Application with Node JS

Earlier in realtime, any request for data from the server makes the app slow, unscalable and cumbersome to maintain. RethinkDB mainly focus on this drawback and makes building realtime apps easier. RethinkDB is the first open-source, scalable JSON database built for realtime web. The developer can tell RethinkDB to continuously push updated query results to application in realtime; this reduces the server load and also the time and effort necessary to build scalable realtime apps. Here there is complete steps for installing RethinkDB. This post also explains you to create a reat-time web application using RethinkDB and Node.js

RethinkDB Nodejs tutorial

11:58:00 PM

Create Token Based RESTful services using Slim PHP Framework

My previous article gives you an understanding of how to develop any application using RESTful APIs. But, mere implementation of API is not enough for making it more effective. It requires a proper authentication and more security. Here is the article for a secured RESTful API on a token basis. An encrypted token, which is generated based on your site id and ip address is sent with the request call; this token is then be used to authenticate to use a RESTful service in your application. Follow the demo below for your reference.

Create Token Based RESTful services using Slim PHP Framework

12:08:00 AM

Track HTML5 Video Views with Google Analytics

Is there a simple solution to track viewers engagement, if you have published HTML 5 video on the web? Yes. You can use combination of Google Analytics and very few lines of coding to see detailed video engagement analytics. You can track total number of viewers for your video, number of viewers who has just watched minimum percentage of video you have mentioned, number of viewers who has completed watching the video and many such analytics could be found using Google Analytics. Let’s see how far you are utilizing Google Analytics for such great analysis of your posted content on the web. Have a look at the demo..!

Track HTML5 Video Views with Google Analytics

11:43:00 PM

Integrate CKEditor in Html Page using JavaScript

CKEditor is a rich web text editor, which can be used inside your HTML web pages. This HTML text editor allows many of the powerful editing functions found on desktop editors like Microsoft Word to your web. This is featured with many advantages like preparing your mail content, creating your blogs and so on. This post also explains you how to further modify or use your text editor in many ways, which may include show / hide buttons, control the buttons, etc,.

Integrate CKEditor in Html Page using JavaScript

11:53:00 AM

PHP Login System with PDO Connection.

Very long back, we had published a simple PHP login system using PHP, which works only with MySQL database. Today, we are providing you an easy registration and login process using PDO connection with better password encryption, which has an advantage of working on different database systems. PDO is a PHP extension that allow us to implement code which is portable across many databases and platforms. This registration process is used in our Wall Script 8. Here is the demo of this cool & simple login / registration process.

PHP Login System with PDO Connection.

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