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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Table of Contents

The following list is the table of contents of all tutorials you can find on 9lessons. Tutorials are about Java, Programming, PHP, Database, Hacking, Technology and Design.

Last Update - 08th April 2010

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Web Design - jQuery / Ajax /javascript / CSS

Jquery Validation with Regular Expressions.

Facebook Style Wall Post Script with Expanding URLs.

Live Availability Checking with jQuery.

Twitter like Login with Jquery and CSS.

Jquery Basics Series - 1

Jquery Basics Series - 2

Jquery Basics Series - 3

Facebook Style Wall Post Application with jQuery and Ajax.

Live Update and Delete Records with Animation Effect using Jquery and Ajax

Live Preview with jQuery

Real Time Search Engine

Display Cross Domain Data with Jquery JSON Callback.

Display Collapsed Comments like Facebook with Jquery and Ajax

Twitter Style Load More Results with jQuery and Ajax.

Loading Banner Advertisements with Jquery

Loading Javascript Files with Jquery.

Facebook like Expanding Textbox with Jquery.

Connect Twitter API with OAuth using PHP.

Live Availability Checking with Java.

Pretty URLs with .htaccess Rewriting Tips.

Redirect The Sub Domain To a Sub Folder with .htaccess

URL Rewriting Tip with .htaccess File

Display JSON Data with jQuey and Ajax

Zooming with jQuery and CSS.

Favorite Rating with jQuery and Ajax.

Comment System with jQuery, Ajax and PHP (Version 2.0).

Pagination with jQuery, MySQL and PHP.

How to Implement an Animation Effect Website with jQuery

9 Most Useful jQuery Plugins.

Facebook Style Alert Confirm Box with jQuery and CSS.

Magical Sign-up Page with jQuery and CSS.

Hide and Seek with jQuery.

Auto Load and Refresh Div every 10 Seconds with jQuery.

Twitter like Search with jQuery and Ajax.

Inappropriate words Validation with Javascript.

Using jQuery Visited Plug-In.

Submit multiple forms with jQuery and Ajax.

Oursignal.com used jQuery plugins

Comment system with jQuery, Ajax and PHP.

Changing design colors with jquery

rf.sparks Interesting jQuery Plugin

Useful jQuery Documents.

Facebook like Autosuggestion with jQuery, Ajax and PHP.

Flash colors effect with MooTools Framework.

21 of the Fresh and Rich Free Icons for Web Designers

Background Change with MooTools Framework

9 Interesting jQuery Projects with Demos

Visited links strike out with CSS.

Insert a Record with animation slide down effect using jQuery and Ajax.

Draw Charts with Google Visualization API.

jQuery and Ajax best 9lesson

SMTP Feedback Mail class with jQuery Slide Effect.

Upload and Resize an Image with PHP

Delete a Record with animation fade-out effect using jQuery and Ajax.

jQuery Username Live validation.

Auto Scrolling Effect with javascript and DHTML.

Some Javascript Tips - Form Validation, Toggle Messages

Twitter Like Parsing URLs with JavaScript.

Perfect Javascript Form Validation using Regular Expressions.

Clean User Interface CSS Tips

Twitter Like Flash Message with jQuery.

Submit Checkbox values in Form with javascript

Ajax Add a Record with Button Status Change using jQuery.

Exactly Twitter like Follow and Remove buttons with jQuery and Ajax

Submit a Form without Refreshing page with jQuery and Ajax.

Twitter Like More Button with jQuery and Ajax.

Insert and Load Record using jQuery and Ajax.


PHP Login Script with Encryption.

PHP Time Stamp Function.

Load Data while Scrolling Page Down with jQuery and PHP

Voting system with jQuery, Ajax and PHP.

Delete Records with Random Animation Effect using jQuery and Ajax.

Server Side Form Validation using Regular Expressions

Facebook like suggestions with jQuery content appears and disappears.

Facebook like multi Toggle Comment Box with jQuery and PHP.

Secure PHP Login Page Example

Add Security to your PHP projects using .htaccess file

Prepared Statements in PHP and MySQLi

Analyzing URLs as Links to the resource using a PHP function.

Reading RSS Feed with PHP.

URLs as Links with Regular Expressions using PHP Function.

PHP Login Page Example.

Send Mail using SMTP and PHP.

How To Disable Blogger Top Nav Bar

How to Customize Blogger Template

'Onion Routing' Anonymous Network

Hacking Algorithm

Make Windows Genuine

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Hijack

Hack your Own Web Project ? SQL Injection

Create CON folder in Windows operating system.

Email Tracing Web Applications.

Useful jQuery plugins for Web Designers.

Implement jQuery from Google Ajax Libraries API.

Web Resources

JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries

Free Online PC

Top Free Clone Scripts

Open Source Ecommerce PHP Softwares.

Useful Jquery Plugins.

Best Resources For Webmasters

My Best Applications in Year 2008

Awesome Vector Graphics Flash Movies List.

Must Read Documents.

Creative & Concept Design Logos.

Super Creative Design Logos.

Fantastic Twitter Drawings.

Highly Used jQuery Websites.

Outstanding and Inspiring Website Backgrounds.

9lessons History

Just One Dollar Invested on 9lessons.

Introducing 9lessons iphone Web Application.

9lessons Labs Release.

9lessons articles in DreamInCode.net

Occasion of Two Thousand Visits : 9lessons Poster

First Month Traffic Details

9lessons 3d Wallpaper.

Advertising on 9lessons.

Text Links Advertising on 9lessons .

Do you like 9Lessons blog T-Shirt Design.

Java Programming
Connecting JSP To Mysql Database Lesson

Web.xml Deployment Descriptor

Analysis of a Java Class

Java (JDK) Bin Directory Files Information

Why Java is Most Popular Language?

Java Access Modifiers Lesson

Java Inheritance Easy Lesson

What Web Server Do?

Update a Record with Animation effect using JSP and jQuery.

Database(Mysql and SQL)
What is FOREIGN KEY? Easy Lesson

Delicious Database Design: relationships

Delicious Database Design: create tables and relationships with SQL

Visual Database Design with MySQL Workbench

Backup your Web Projects Database using MySQL Administrator.

Add Your Site/Blog URL in Google Search Database.

Web 3.0 Search Engine Evolution

Google Search Architecture Diagram Overview

Google Search Major Data Structures Documentation

The Stanford WebBase Project Architecture.

Creative way to Explain Technology in Videos.

The Stock Market Story

The President Obama's First Speech

C Programming

Decision Control Statements .

Live Decisions in C Programming Language.

C Pointers Lesson

How will developer Fix the bug !!!

What is Printf Doing ?
Anonymous said...

Thanks for the HTML tips man..
its looks very good...
keep Rocking.....

Srinivas PLZ can u tell me how to integrate a search engine like google in our website

irfan said...

i hope this site is very helpfull to all

Anonymous said...

please tell me hw shud i learn web degisin

Girish.K said...

Hey nice tutorials.Thanks for the help you posted here.I actually need a help from you.I am struck @ captcha validation...can you help me out with the code.The problem is when i give the wrong captcha verification,the full page is getting re-loaded!! Help me out if its not a pain in the neck!

Please mail it to my id getgirish.k@in.com

Anonymous said...

Nice idea but I can hardly read the text on your site.

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Hi Try to put Some Material about Dataware Housing . Why because we got less material in Internet . When any one search in google or any where else u r link will be displayed.

Your well wisher...........

Reddy Jagan.

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tutorials are very informative...thanks buddy

My Best,
prithwi chinchalkar

Anonymous said...

you are my hero...

pol said...

same as anonymous before me

Dwarakesh said...

Hi... I need to check whether database(mysql) gets updated or not using php... Plz help

Nayan Paul. said...

One Word You r Great :)

Srinivas Tamada said...

@Nayan Paul

Thank You

Anonymous said...

thanks Sir because it's really good tutorial

srinu said...

how to insert form values when am press the button it insert into database and display that page only without refreshing the page...plz help me...

Anonymous said...

Nice work

Anonymous said...

hi srinivas can u post some photoshop tutorials for basic photo retouching...

Anonymous said...

you are the man

Anonymous said...

How we can retrieve data from mysql on a html form and update this data through the same html from in which data has been reterived using php codes. please any one help regarding this.... please send me tutorial file at hnasir55@gmail.com


Nice tutorials all............

Anonymous said...

very nice

Adi said...

Awesome website buddy. Really nice tutorials.
Keep it up.

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this site is really usefull for us, keep rocking 9lession team,

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great post

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Can you post software testing tutorials especially want the information regarding qualities of manual tester and testcase template

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very nice tutorial... thanks for share

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Anonymous said...

i have a problem in my system...bcoz every time i sign in or out D time didn't record zero balance..i use PHP scrifting language..wat code can u offer to me...

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i like this web with the tutorials...
thans admin...^_^

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these are awesome good job

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YOU Are My GURU...

Thank you, guru..

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You may also visit my website for some programming tutorials at http://codedoppler.blogspot.com

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Love your site just out of my league for this newbie! Have a great day on purpose!

Anonymous said...

Can you please help me on this
I need code in php to capture name and email address for each person who likes a certain page on their facebook account. Please suggest me how to proceed.

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Taran said...

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Your article is very interesting
You can write a demo on the right sidebar in facebook
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Excellent work!

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your php is good,
i learning php and it is good for me

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Can you create a simple example for login json and mysql using xcode. This code be a good tuts.

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sir thanx for the tutorials i tried to download wall script3.0 and also subscribed my email id but not able to download it ... please help me...

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Anonymous said...

Hi srinivas,

first of all thanks alot...i getting alot help from 9 lessions.

i want to use your wall script can i know which version is free to use. and i download version 3.0. so please tell me which version i can use.

Many Thanks...


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