Customize Facebook Fan Page using FBML.
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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Customize Facebook Fan Page using FBML.

Have you created Facebook fan page for your website or product? if not take a quick look at this post how to customize Facebook fan page with static FMBL. Fan pages helps your product will reach many more people. It’s very simple and it supports HTML tags, try this and market your product.

9lessons facebook fan page

9lessons Fan Page     WallScript Fan Page
Step 1
Login into Facebook and click here to create a new facebook fan page and choose right category for your product.
9lessons facebook fan page

Step 2
Fill the basic information about your product such as uploading images, title and description.
9lessons facebook fan page

Step 3
Now the most important part in this cycle adding Static FBML application for customizing fan page. Click here you will find out the following screen and then select your page.
9lessons facebook fan page

Note: Static FBML application not working with old facebook accounts. Try with new facebook account.

Step 4
Open your page and find out and click Edit Page button top right-side.
9lessons facebook fan page

Step 5
Editing Static FBML page. Apps -> Added Apps and find out Static FBML application and click Go to App.
9lessons facebook fan page

Step 6
Coding part first edit the Box Title(tab name) next paste your HTML code into following textbox.
9lessons facebook fan page

Like Me
Using this condition you can check the user status liked or not?
Hi <fb:userlink uid="loggedinuser" /&;gt; thank you for liking me.
Click Like Button

Vimeo Video
Following code helps you to include videos in fan page. I love vimeo videos, rich quality and neat design. You have to replace video VIDEO_ID value.
swfbgcolor="000000" imgstyle="border-width:3px; border-color:white;"
imgsrc='videotumbnail.png' width='490' height='350' />

Youtube Video
For adding videos. You have to replace video VIDEO_ID value.
<fb:swf swfsrc=""
width="480" height="360" />

Slideshare Presentations
Adding presentations. You have to replace video DOC_ID value.
<fb:swf swfsrc=''
width='515' height='425' imgsrc="image.png" />

Step 7
Setting up default landing welcome page. Edit Page -&gt; Manage Permissions -&gt; Default landing tab.
9lessons facebook fan page

If you want to add some more tabs
Click here to add second tab, Click Here to add third tab.

Step 8
Adding Facebook like box for your website.

Eg: Fan page URL:
<iframe allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="
connections=10&stream=false&header=false&height=255" style="border: none; height: 255px; overflow: hidden; width: 300px;"></iframe>

Once you got more than 25 likes you can able to set friendly username like eg: Edit Page -&gt; Basic Information -&gt; Username

If you have unique Facebook fan page designs please post a comment here. Thanks!
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  1. Thanks...but many website posted about this material.

    Now how to make Facebook Application, how to code for facebook aplication. Thanks..

  2. I've been waiting for this hehe, thanks sir!

  3. Hi Srinu,

    Nice post. Soon i will also change my page.

  4. hi ,
    But Static FBML is now updated to Iframe ....

  5. Hi,
    Now Static FBML is not working for new pages I think facebook has closed Now i am using Iframe apps

    Have a look my link

  6. I failed to install Static FBML to your page, so I had to look for information on creating your own application, it came, but there is scrolling pictures -, can tell me how to fix

  7. Hi

    Yes, I think the same, the FMBL isn't using any more.

    How Can check the user status liked or not in Iframe?

  8. Hi All

    Static FBML working with new facebook accounts.

  9. @ Irina
    Use this iframe apps

  10. @Srinivas I tried but its not working for my pages so i went to iframe

  11. @Godwin

    I have created fresh fb account, now I'am able to access static FBML app(Safari browser).

  12. I am trying to use the iframe app, I have it on my site, but I'm lost as to how to create a nice welcome page using this.


  13. when will you write about how to create fb apps with 3 or 4 eg codes?

  14. WOOOW...
    Nice Page..
    Now 9lessons available for mobile view....

  15. Hi srinivas,
    can u post facebook chat application.

  16. This is a great share my friend. I can't wait to create my own fan page.

  17. visit us:

  18. This information is awesome..Keep it up...

  19. i can't find the static FBML in my page :(

  20. I'm gonna try this for my page! Nice one!

  21. thank you but i cant find the Static FBML in my app page.
    Only; Event, photos, videos etc..

  22. Thank you... We are working in same lines. your information really helps us...

  23. Nice tutorial but I cant find the Static FBML in my page.

    any Answersi

  24. Static fbml not working here

  25. does it mean to use the FBML one must create a new facebook account?or is there a way to transition?

  26. Great, these points are really very helpful to customize facebook fan page very easily.

  27. Do you know of anyone who can help me get this done. Hitting the wall.
    Thanks! - Mike

  28. You have described an amazing way to customize facebook fan page. I have followed your blog post / tutorial to customize my facebook fan page.


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