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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Free Online PC

Are you looking for free online personal computer gigabytes of memory, applications, search and players with installation. It's just like a personal computer just take a look this post. If you know any new please comment Thanks!

Glide OS 3.0 - 20 GB free memory word processor, spread sheets, presentations, calender, music players and photo editors, it supports 250 file formats.

Book :Dell Inspiron 545 Piano Black Desktop PC with 22-Inch HD Monitor (Windows 7 Home Premium)

World's first web operating system 15 GB free memory, Zoho office application, games, web applications and google books

User friendly interface 3 GB free memory office application, mails, movie players and photo editing.

Web 2.0 fastest file accessing audio players, zoho office application and 1 GB memory

Albums, blogs, websites, newsletters design and file storage.

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