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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Displaying RSS Feed with PHP

This article explains to displaying RSS(XML format) feed like popurls.com (popular urls in one place) using simplexml_load_file() a PHP function. It's very useful to display your blog feeds as like Recent articles(headlines) list.

RSS- Really Simple Syndication.

Reading XML data and presenting with HTML.

Download Script     Live Demo

Index.php RSS display page:
File contains HTML tags and PHP included rssclass.php. You have to change the RSS feed URL.
  $feedlist = new rss('http://feeds2.feedburner.com/9lesson');
  echo $feedlist->display(9,"9lessons");
  $feedlist = new rss('http://feeds.feedburner.com/nettuts');
  echo $feedlist->display(9,"Nettuts");
  $feedlist = new rss('http://feeds.labnol.org/labnol');
  echo $feedlist->display(9,"Labnol");
Popurls.com screen shot

A beautiful PHP function simplexml_load_file() to load and read XML file. simplexml_load_string() XML string reader.
 class rss {
     var $feed;

  function rss($feed) 
    {   $this->feed = $feed;  }
  function parse() 
    $rss = simplexml_load_file($this->feed);
    $rss_split = array();
    foreach ($rss->channel->item as $item) {
    $title = (string) $item->title; // Title
    $link   = (string) $item->link; // Url Link
    $description = (string) $item->description; //Description
    $rss_split[] = '<div>
        <a href="'.$link.'" target="_blank" title="" >
    return $rss_split;
  function display($numrows,$head) 
    $rss_split = $this->parse();

    $i = 0;
    $rss_data = '<div class="vas">
           <div class="title-head">
         <div class="feeds-links">';
    while ( $i < $numrows ) 
      $rss_data .= $rss_split[$i];
    $trim = str_replace('', '',$this->feed);
    $user = str_replace('&lang=en-us&format=rss_200','',$trim);
    return $rss_data;

CSS code :
Style just view the Live Demo
.title-head {
.feeds-links {
    border:1px solid #dedede;
Download Script     Live Demo
Anonymous said...

Thanks man. I'm looking for something like this..

Mas Andy said...

thanks, this script is very usefull :)

Administrador said...

hello my friend

your script is "VeryMuchBonito"
necesito agregar Item->description

I modify display()
and OK

juxt8@hotmail.com said...

hello and I say great resource; is it possible to parse Flickr rss with this class? Thank You for answer me!

Masoom said...

Thanks , I recenlty moved from Joomla & Wordpress to jquery powered HTML pages, and I was looking for a script to display RSS XML Feeds in a Web Page Using PHP Functions.

I hope search engines crawl these links.

Following you on twitter now
Masoom : @imasoom

Masoom said...

Hello, the script only shows the Title of the rss feed. Is there any way we can display the content of the posts? I am trying to embed all my blog posts, in a webpage, so it looks and feels like a part of the site.


Iqbal said...

very good article.

Raza Rahil said...

Hello, is it possible to fetch image also with title and link.

Anonymous said...

How can I get the MEDIA:THUMBNAIL-URL from the item using this codes format?

Anonymous said...

very good simple script....how do limit description length....I would like to keep under 100.

Anonymous said...


Tapish Jain said...

but when rss feeds of many websites were to display all together, then the webpage loading time increases and it loads very slow.

alabsari said...

how can I fetch Images with this code

Kim said...

Thank you so much! This is so easy to implement and style...appreciate your generosity. :)

unisex said...

May i ask you something? I think the "description" item from xml Schema is useless. I mean the below line of your code.The description of every article never appears at any div. Am i wrong?

$description = (string) $item->description; //Description

viyukam said...

how can i get feed url of any sides

Anonymous said...

Very good script!
How can I add the posting date before the singles feeds?
and if I wanted to show all the feed of different sites in a row in a single column?..

Amit Bishan said...

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Amit Bishan said...

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girl games said...

very good simple script....

aeroporika said...

Useful script! Thanks!

Mario Jones said...

I tried the script out on my server and it does not work like the live demo. Is there anything I may have done wrong?

Anonymous said...

Please help me.. This is script is showing on my localhost. But not on my server. Is there any way to run this script.. Please help

Anonymous said...

Excellent thanks! I have a question though, is it possible to have the different feeds going through one table. What I mean is, in the example you have 3 different feeds, each displaying on it's own table - instead of each one having it's own table is it possible to just merge them and sort them by date?

tung dao thanh said...

Thanks alot helping me to do it!
I want to know
How can i display the summary of the article underneath the article title link?
Thank you!

Rich Yoo said...

I love your code!! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Ctrl+c Ctrl+v

Anonymous said...

Its Fine...I Have one Doubt..How to display Most common news in all feeds..

Anonymous said...

possible to use paging?

Anonymous said...

very good article,i used this code in codeigniter framework but does not work, not fetching rss feeds in my local system.
i made small change in your code simply moved rssclass.php file to libraries folder and called as below in my view
echo $this->rssclass->display(9,"9lessons");


vattenskada said...

Excellent entry! I'm been looking for topics as interesting as this.

sandeep said...

how we fetch data from https://dfid.blog.gov.uk/feed/atom/ using this script currently its shows noting.

Ibnuh said...

thanks bro! its works :)

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