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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Zooming with jQuery and CSS.

In this post I want to explain about Text Zooming with jQuery and CSS. This is basic level tutorial just changing style using jQuery script. It's simple use it for zooming website content. Take a look at live demo

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Zooming with jQuery and CSS

Download Script     Live Demo

Javascript Code
Contains javascript code. $("#zoom").change(funtion(){}- zoom is the id name of the select box. Using $("#zoom").val(); calling select box value. Applying style at $("#main").css
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/
<script type="text/javascript">


var size = $(this).val();
$("#main").css('font-size', size+'px');

return false;

Contains HTML code.
Zoom Text:
<select id="zoom">
<option value="25">25 </option>
<option value="50">50 </option>
<option value="75">75 </option>
<option value="100">100 </option>
<option value="150">150 </option>
<option value="200">200 </option>

<div id="main">
Website Content
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Anonymous said...

thanks for this, but its not really zoom its just making the text biger.

Prasad Panigrahi said...

Hi Sreenu,,This is prasad one of ur frnd ,,May be u forgot me,,,

Any how this is suparb man,,,I wish you all the best for ur bright future

Anonymous said...

I must agree with the first comment, this is making the text bigger. I'd love to see this example with a slider that changes the text size.

Anonymous said...

High Resolution jQuery Image Viewer - http://www.ajax-zoom.com

Snowbound said...

We have similar functionality in our ajax document viewer - check it out! http://ajaxdocumentviewers.com

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Its a great script but it would really help beginners if you explained where it went on a page. I cannot work out what to do with it now I have downloaded it. Tried inserting it in a page but nothing functions

Hassam Zaeem said...

thanks for this, but its not really zoom its just making the text biger.

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