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Monday, November 26, 2012

Backbone.js Router Hashing Tutorial

If you are working with a single page application, then you must adopt backbone.js features and this helps your web project to be more powerful. Backbone.js is basically a lightweight framework that allows you to structure your JavaScript code in Model View Controller. This post I had covered basic implementation of router and URL hashing techniques.

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Download Script
     Live Demo     Egglabs Page

Note: Try live demo and use browser Back and Forward controls.

Required Libraries
You should follow this script including format, otherwise AppRouter does not work. underscore.js provides more functions to backbone.js
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="underscore.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="backbone.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="router.js"></script>

Backbone router is used for routing your web application URL's when using hash tags(#) Eg: www.example.com/#home
var AppRouter = Backbone.Router.extend({
routes: {
'': 'home',
'index.html': 'home',
':level': 'blockGrid', // Matches http://example.com/#six
'block/:level/:num': 'blockNum', // Matches http://example.com/#block/six/34
'*actions': 'defaultAction' // Matches http://example.com/#anything-here

home : function()
//Nothing doing

blockGrid : function(level){
grid(level); // Calling grid function 

blockNum : function(level,num){
gridNum(level,num); // Calling gridNum function


Note: Use uniquer names like blockGrid and grid.

Sample JavaScipt code for starting backbone library using Jquery document ready. grid and gridNum are simple functions for changing block styles.
<script type='text/javascript'>
var appRouter = new AppRouter(); // Router initialization
Backbone.history.start(); // Backbone start
// Applying color for grid based on level.
function grid(level)
$("#"+level).css("background-color","#80c8e5"); // Applying color
// Appending URL values into block
function gridNum(level,num)
grid(level); // Calling grid function 
$("#"+level).html(num); // Appending num value

Contains anchor tags with #hash hyper links related to router js structure.
//Link Set #:level
<a href="#one">One</a>
<a href="#two">Two</a>
<a href="#three">Three</a>
//Link Set #block/:level/:num

<a href="#block/one/1">One</a>
<a href="#block/two/2">Two</a>
<a href="#block/three/3">Three</a>

<td id="one">1</td>
<td id="two">2</td>
<td id="three">3</td>
<td id="four">4</td>
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It is Awesome tutorial :)

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Thankx for introducing me to backbone.js good thing and thankx for such a helping tutorial

Sadaf Chohan said...

Thankx for introducing me to backbone.js. Thankx for such a helping tutorial

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Backbone.js features and this allows your web project to be more amazing. Backbone.js is usually a compact framework that allows you to framework your JavaScript value in Style Perspective Proprietor.

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Great Tutorial, copy paste your code from it and it actually works, was looking a while, many don't, now how do I move this HTML into a backbone view... and call some models via AJAX...

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Charles said...

Hi Thanks for your tutorial. I have a doubt why do we need to use Routers? Cant we simply use hash tags and do what we want to do? Just curious about this, please help.

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