Just One Dollar Invested on 9lessons.
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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Just One Dollar Invested on 9lessons.

I received lot of email questions from my readers that asked to me how much you paying for hosting?, where you hosted?, what is your bandwidth limit? like that. So today I want to answer all the questions. I had invested only one dollar for domain name 9lessons.info at Godaddy.

bog investment

My blog powered by blogger.com. I had customized blogger template.
Blogger view

Blogger Custom Domain
9lessons.blogspot.com publishing custom domain to www.9lessons.info. You can notice details on following image.
publishing on a custom domain

Sub domains hosted on 000webhost.com
000webhost.com is really awesome and powerfull I love it. demos.9lessons.info,labs.9lessons.info and touch.9lessons.info
Free Web hosing
I had parked my subdomains like this. Controlling with .htaccess file more tutorials click here
Parked Domains

Godaddy Settings
And finally Godaddy here I had invested one dollar for domain. Total DNS Control and CName record setting you can see the below image sub domains connecting to particular servers.
How to change CNAME record

Generating Traffic
Generate Traffic

Big thanks to Google.com, blogger.com and 000webhost.com. So friends use the web resource.
web notification


  1. awesome dude. but ur posts are amaing

  2. That's really interesting. I think most of people who are familiar with tech could invest only 1$ like you. However, for others who need support, they will need to invest more than that.

  3. hi thanx for sharing these infos.. may be very useful for starters. tell me one thing please are you using the free hosting of 000webhost.com ?
    If yes then is it okey?

  4. nice to see this post....thanks dude

  5. Hi Srinu,

    So nice to share all these things to all.

  6. Amazing your information with images.we understand quickly in images what you saying.
    How did you get that idea to explain in particular images?.
    in your post generating traffic in images very good idea to explain which way you get traffic.
    thanking to your service.

  7. Yeah, 1 dollar but how much time you spend to writing tutorials?

  8. @leo messi

    every tutorial one hour

  9. hello , i need help plz,

    i was putting google ads on this blog :


    but now i can't put google ads on my blog , because google band my blog for dispaly ads.

    if i bought new domain from google and redirect it with my blog , will ads back to appear ?

  10. wow...its amazing...you are doing a great job...what average traffic do you get every day?

  11. Intresting.. Wonderfull work sir :)

  12. This very great for invested just 1$, that inspired dude. thanks for that.

  13. another question, how much money you make from this blog?

  14. thats equal to 2100 us dollars!! great
    hope you reach 21000$ (1 million rupees) :)

  15. Gr8...so this EggLabs is your initiative??

  16. Great Dude !!
    But i m confused...is it 100,000 rupees/month or since you started the blog ???

  17. Hey this is an excellent post. Am I Able to utilize any of it on my own wellness and weightloss blog? I’ll obviously hyperlink to your website so folks are able to see the whole content if they want to. Thanks a lot no matter what.

  18. wow awesome..
    Srinivas, if u need hosting u can use mine at http://hosting.muchad.com
    Maybe it can support u..
    Thanks for all ur lesson here ^_^

  19. Wow it's very helpful to us don't have yet budget.. I want to know how you manage your google adsense and other ads with different domain(from blogspot to 9lessons.info)?

  20. hi srinivas. Could you tell me how did you add cname records for demo and touch. 000webhost.com only supports NS i think. Can u write a tutorials about DNS management plz.

  21. Hey,I have started a website too.Can you help me as to how I can earn,what exactly should I do?
    Can you give a rough figure as to how much you earn as your website has heavy traffic

  22. Awesome :) I love all of your stuff ...

  23. Thanks for this post! I was wondering how to get sub domains! I too have a domain and i wanted to get sub domains like this!

  24. what a man.......
    u r the only one role model for new bloggers.

  25. How much do you earn right now from your blog?

  26. You could also give the name Tech lab. Why egg lab.

  27. great information....

    but how have you parked your sub domain and host demo scripts for demo tutorials
    please help me on this

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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