Wallpapers with Nikon D90 DX SLR
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wallpapers with Nikon D90 DX SLR

My senior and friend Soumya Ranjan had clicked some pretty awesome pictures with Nikon D90 SLR Camera. I hope you love these snaps, If you know any best SLR cameras please suggest me. I'm planning for one. Thanks!

Soumya Ranjan
Engineer,India ( flickr.com/sipuna )

Nikon.com D90 DX SLR

Nikon D90 SLR Review

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  1. nice shots :) maybe I would suggest samsung nx10. :D

  2. nikon d90 is good noe,if you cant afford that,try d5000 which is bit cheaper than the d90

  3. D90 is the best one! but it is now outdated. New one is D7000. According to nikon India,it will lunched soon in India(available on Nikon India site). Another one is D3100. Both newly introduced by Nikon. Price of D3100 is around Rs.32000, where price of D7000 is not yet declared but it must be above Rs. 50,000.


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