3D Covers Pro: Create Photo Realistic High Resolution 3D eCovers
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Monday, April 16, 2012

3D Covers Pro: Create Photo Realistic High Resolution 3D eCovers

Seems movie stars and celebrities aren't the only ones getting facelifts these days. Software, information products, web apps and eBooks are all taking advantage of 3D High Resolution eCover graphics. Instead of the traditional 2D graphics, which are bland and don't stand out, these new 3D graphics use either smart templates or action scripts to both cut the learning curve down, but also produce the best quality representative graphics over and over again.

3D Covers Pro

An individual doesn't need to learn all there is to know about Photoshop or any similar graphics software, nor do they have to possess a degree in graphic design. These smart templates and action scripts are all one needs to produce their own professional looking 3D eBook covers.

If you don't know what a smart template is, or an action script, and what they have to do with 3D graphic covers, then don't worry. We'll cover the basics here, enough to give you an understanding of what they are. As was stated above, just having Photoshop by Adobe, you have everything you'll need to get started creating and using amazing 3D eCovers in just a few moments time.

If you are just going for the smart templates, you'll need to make sure that your version of Adobe Photoshop is at least the CS4 or 5, but if you are going to be using the action scripts, you can get by with the CS2 through 5. It doesn't matter whether you have a MAC or PC as Adobe products, as well as these smart templates and action scripts work on both platforms quite well.

Think of action scripts as you recording how you develop particular effects in Photoshop, step by step. This will keep you from having to try to remember how you did something, should you want to repeat an effect on later eCover designs. This is a great time saver. Just hit the replay button and there are your steps ready for duplication.

You begin with a smart template, either blank or one of the starter ones that come with the package. You add all of your own design details, and then you play the action script of your choice. Right before you, your design morphs into a perfect, high resolution 3D eCover.

If you don't want to bother with the intermediate skills that are part of taking on the action scripts, then the smart templates will be more your style. Smart templates are smarter than regular templates, because they also remember all of your steps that you took in customizing the PSD file. Instead of recording an action script of your steps, you just keep them as smart objects within the template. Double click the smart layer where the object is stored; toss in a few edits if you want them, then save the work as a new smart layer.

What sets these smart templates and action scripts apart from their competition in the marketplace is that they only take twenty seconds to render as 3D eCovers, with the templates rendering even quicker, so your edits can be done very fast. The quality, also, is second to none.
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