UPrinting Online Printing Service
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Friday, September 14, 2012

UPrinting Online Printing Service

Every beautiful design looks awesome on a digital screen but to bring the same level of quality out of a digital world into real world is possible only through a fine quality print. This week I am to review UPrinting website. It is a commercial online printing service which provides high quality press print with its robust and easy to use online ordering portal.

UPrinting Online Printing Service

You can check out online poster priniting by UPrinting online poster priniting by UPrinting.

UPriniting is an online printing service and below are some of features which I loved the most
➢ Wide Range of Products: It provides a wide range of products to choose. They have cleanly divided all products into 4 section and we can choose the products as best we fit into the section of our need. The section divided are
o Marketing & Promotions
o Business Identity
o Large Format & Signs
o Home & Family

➢ Free Proof of Order: If you happen to be first time customer of UPrinting, the best option you can go for the “Free Sample”. You can choose one of the kits provided by them and you can see and feel the product before you are to go for the actual order. It could help one to understand the quality of the product.

➢ Customize Order: You can create your own design for the product you’re looking for to order. The Steps are very simple and design editors are quite flexible allowing us to add Text, Images and Shapes to our product. At the end you can also save or share your design before you want to order. If you do not want to design your product, you can go for the option of “Design Service” with a small fee you will be getting help to customize your design from an professional designer.

➢ Templates: If you’re not a design persona, UPrinting have provided a wide range of templates to choose and proceed with your order.

➢ Instant Price Calculator: This is one of flexible and useful tool of UPrinting. You can plan your budget of the product before even you start to design it. This tool will provide with an exact price figure including the shipping charges applicable.

➢ Order Process: The Order process is simple and very secure. It uses VeriSign SSL which is one of the highest security standards available in internet

➢ Customer Service: UPrinting provides a 24 hour customer support and option with phone number (1.888.888.4211) and online chatting option it gets easier for customer to have answered to all their queries.

➢ Eco friendly Paper: UPrinting uses vegetable and soy-based inks with lower levels of VOCs which helps to reduce the harmful carbon-emissions and protects both environment and it employee. They also use paper options that contain up to 55% post-consumer recycled content and yet able to deliver better quality of print with less price.

➢ Deals & Coupons: UPrinting deals section is where they provide deals and offers for various products and in-turn helps us to reduce the price. So don’t forget to look for coupons and current deals before you proceed for an order.

UPrinting website is a commercial online printing service. With its wide ranges of products to choose and easy to create a customized order option else go for one of template, makes it easier for one to order. The services provided are very promising and delivers us the best quality of print with less price.

Let me know your take on UPrinting in the comments section.

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