10 Reasons To Get A .BLOG Name Now
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Friday, October 18, 2013

10 Reasons To Get A .BLOG Name Now

Blogging has become more than just a way for people to express themselves over the internet; it has become a way for people to connect over shared interests. With the relative ease of setting up a personal blog, many people from all ages and backgrounds have started blogging. Choosing what domain extension to use for your blog is one of the most important steps to creating a successful blog.

10 Reasons To Get A .BLOG Name Now

In this article, the various arguments for choosing .blog domain names will be discussed.

1. Let People Know What You Offer At First Glance
By having a .blog extension, people will instantly know that the site they see is a blog before they even open it. This can help to draw more visitors that are looking for a blog and not just a static site.

2. Increase Your Authority
Many people are scared off by long domain names that they are unfamiliar with. By choosing a .blog name, people will feel more comfortable visiting a site they have never seen before, thus increasing the traffic the site receives.

3. Affordability
Unlike .com extensions, .blog extensions are more affordable and add to the low cost of the whole process of owning a blog. While many people aim to monetize their site, traffic may take some time to reach the levels required. Having a cheap domain name can help to save you money before money starts coming in from the blog.

4. Get Better Names
Since most sites have .com, .org and .net extensions, many of the names you may want to call your blog would be taken. The .blog list of available names is far larger and unsaturated than the other more known names. This means that you can choose a name that best suits your blog without having to add extra words.

5. Easier to Remember
People often visit a website and then afterwards they can't remember what the site’s name was when they want to visit it again. Having a greater choice of domain names to choose from with .blog, means that it is easier to get a name that is easily remembered.

6. Keywords for Search Engine Results
Being able to choose a more relevant name such as "allaboutcats.blog" would make it easier to rank higher on Google's results. Google uses many signals to decide which site comes before which on their results, and one of them is having the search term as a part of your site name. As an example, someone might search "all about cats", giving a domain name such as "allaboutcats.blog" a better chance to show on the first page.

7. Use the .Blog As a Part of the Name of Your Blog
A nice way to help people remember your blog name is to incorporate it in the blogs name. By having a .blog name, it is possible to make a name such as "The Fashion .blog" that incorporates the extension as a part of the name.

8. It's Easy to Move a Site to .blog
For blogs that have been around for a while, it is easy to be able to move the site to a .blog and secure a better name or cheaper prices. A simple move can save money and increase visitors.

9. .blog Is New and Won't Be New Forever
Since it is a new domain name, specials are likely being run by many domain registration companies and if one were to wait too long, many of the names will be taken up.

10. Search Engines Don't Like Long Domain Names
In an effort to rank higher on Google, the shorter and more to the point your domain name is the more chance you have that Google's bots will look favorably at the blog site. Being able to choose from so many of the unused domain names that .blog offers, helps you to have a more hard-hitting and to the point domain name.
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  11. Todays blogging become more powerful way to make money with our interest.
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