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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ionic 2 Mobile App using Angular 2 and TypeScript Tutorial

Ionic is an open-source front-end SDK framework made for building hybrid mobile apps on cross platforms. Ionic is used for developing hybrid mobile apps using web technologies like HTML 5, CSS, Cordova and Sass, it is made of AngularJS 2. Both ionic and AngularJS provides some pre- built in components, which allows us to easily develop mobile apps. Here is the demo for creating mobile app using AngularJS and typescript on ionic V2 framework. The demo used here is my 9lessons.info blog as a mobile app. Follow this tutorial to easily build mobile app.

Ionic Angular 2 typscript tutorial

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Building Native iPhone Applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Mobile revolution has been started, now right time to build mobile applications for your web projects. This tutorial will help you how to develop native iOS mobile applications using HTML, CSS and Jquery. Apache Cordova is a platform for building native applications and it is providing device APIs that helps you to access native device functions such as GEO location or mobile camera. If you are a Apple Mavericks use just implement the following steps.

Building Native Mobile Applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

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