Google Analytics Custom Dashboards for Websites
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Monday, March 21, 2016

Google Analytics Custom Dashboards for Websites

Hope you are using Google Analytics for your website or blog, if now try to implement it now. It is a great tool to analyze your website traffic, but Google analytics’ standard/default reports are limited. I made few customizations to improve my blog/website reports using custom dashboards. You can directly apply these dashboards by clicking following add to buttons

Google Analytics Custom Dashboards for Websites

Add to Dashboard for Website      Add to Dashboard for SEO

How to add widgets
Go to Dashboards -> New Dashboard -> Add Widget

Top 10 Countries
Display top ten countries visitors total count.
Google analytics top ten countries

Male and Female views report.
Google analytics gender

Top Five Devices
Top five mobile brand devices, based on that you can design you website responsive features.
Google analytics five devices

Top Browsers
Google analytics top browsers

Average Page Load
Server response website page loading time.
Google analytics average page load

Mobile Page Load
Mobile performance loading time.
Google analytics Mobile page load

Total page view counts.
Google analytics Page views

Top Referrals
Google analytics top referrals

Top Organic Keywords
Google analytics organic keywords

Most viewed pages
Google analytics most viewed pages

Organic Search Visits
Google analytics Organice Search Visits

Social Network Brands
Google analytics Social Network Brands

Total Page views by Social Network
Google analytics organic Search Visits
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  1. Can you explain, how we can make such dashboards?

  2. I have just started using google analytics. This post would definitely be very helpful for me. Thank you bro

  3. very nice article. recently my colleagues have done this.


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