1AVStreamer HD Broadcasting Desktop or Webcam (Giveaway)
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1AVStreamer HD Broadcasting Desktop or Webcam (Giveaway)

One of the important workaround which I come across in my daily work is to share my PC with my clients and colleagues who work in different geographic location. In order to share your desktop over the internet one needs an high quality of desktop sharing application supporting for audio/video and same time managing a good bandwidth in streaming the desktop for any broadcasting software’s.1AVStreamer is a PC software useful to stream video and audio from any source of your PC to the internet in real-time

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This week I have got an offer from PCWinSoft team to give away free copies of 1AVStreamer software to 9Lessons subscribed user/followers. The cost of the software comes for $59.95 but the subscribers of 9Lessons can get it for free. All you have to do is to download the executables from the above link and register in the provided link to request a key.

Features: 1AVStreamer
1AVStreamer is a powerful application which helps you to stream high quality video/ audio from your PC desktop/webcam online. Let me tell you some of the features
Easy Setup and Configuration: Most of the configuration of the software is all automatic and very easy to customize. You can configure
• Source Configuration
• Configure your broadcast area (Full Screen or specific Region of the Desktop)
• Configure the Frame Rate to stream the data
• Space management and other Global Option features
• Time-date stamp
• Theme Configuration

Broadcast Profiles: The application has provided with various broadcast profiles options to choose and based on your selection of profiles it shall configure the application to use.

Wizard based Broadcast: If you find the customization of the application difficult you have option to configure it using a wizard based configuration which will guide you through a step of instruction. This wizard will work based on the current profile you have selected.

Spying your Desktop: 1AVStreamer can also be used as a tool to spy on your desktop. You can completely hide the application even from windows task manager so that advanced user also will never track the program is running. The application can be scheduled to work or can work on when one log-in the PC.

List of Profiles
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Main Screen
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  1. This is the option which i am looking from last few days and i hope this option will work more better for us.

  2. thanks 9lessons.. you are R.O.C.K.S... :D
    i'am very need this :D

  3. thanks for sharing this giveaway :)

  4. Hi,

    I am using team-viewer from long time. Is this tool better than that.

  5. cool love this software i really need this kind of software

  6. hi srinivas, you cover great tips apart from programming you also cover the tips like networking....


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